HOTEL LORELEI Banquet・Buddhist memorial service・Wedding Ceremony  We are willing to make every effort for the perfect moment to our guests.


Lovely gathering families, relatives and friends, our chief chef proudly presents various kinds of dishes for various ages of our guests. Please enjoy our meals that make you smiles! We are waiting to perform especial dishes and unforgetable cooking arts for your celebrations.

※For all your other needs please contact us.
※Menu varies by season.

Celebrations, ceremonies, conferences, various parties, and etc.,
we will arrange a room for your purpose to use.
Please ask more details without any hesitation.

◎ Western style banque
capacity100 people
◎Japanese style Banquet
capacity 30 people
◎Hori-gotatsu room
capacity 24 people

◎ Participators of Every Banquet
・A ticket of the natural hot spring per person
・An especial discount price when stayed the hotel.
・A free shuttle bus is available.

Reunite people who know a deceased person.
A ceremony to tell
the heartfelt thought to the deceased person.

Heartily prepared Japanese and Western harmonized cuisines

■ The menu changes according to season.

Japanese rooms/30 people
Western room/100 people

both are the buddhist ceremonial day

The same date of a person's death is called, "Shoutsuki Meinichi". After the 100 days of the death, buddhists do a ceremony at the 1st yrs of that Shoutsuki Meinichi. Since that, they do a ceremony at the certain year.

(the 49th days after 49th days of a person's death)
(the 1st yr after the passed away)
(the 2nd yrs)
(the 6th yrs after the death)

Offered to gods(Fruits etc)
Offering of flowers(pair)

◆gift prepared for each guest.
◆Bus available for reservation.
◆All price tax include.
◆No extra service fee.
◆No extra fee for space reserve.


●Arailable for reservation for all size of wedding
●Please inform us in advance of your budget and needs.

【Included in the price】

Cuisine(Japanese,western mixed style)/Unlimited Drink (beer,whiskey,Sake,wine,shochu,non-alcohol beverages)/Cheers for champagne / flower arranging (main, tabletop) / Contact Seki-satsu, tabletop guidance bill / bride and groom waiting room

【Additional charge】

Photos, costumes, gift, Hikigashi
※Booking deposit, the service fee is not required. ※1day set limit