The (henceforth ”our hotel”), our hotel recognizes that personal information of our guests (henceforth ”customers”) is an important issue, and our hotel has been handling personal information of customers very carefully in order to provide better products and improved services. Our hotel will take the personal information of our customers very carefully and responsibly to protect.

1. Observance of a statute etc.
Our hotel obeys the personal information protection law or the other related statutes, and our hotel observes the guide lines and every other related rule regarding the hotel business.

2. Corporate Structure
Our hotel established company’s rules and policies to handle personal information of our customers. Our hotel also places a responsible person to protect personal information of customers within our organization, and each employee is well trained to follow those rules and policies as a system.
3. Collected Personal Information
Our hotel declares a purpose for collecting personal information of our customers when our hotel collected it. Then, our hotel requires an agreement with each guest about the purpose of use in order to pursue the purpose within the necessary range.

4. Use of Personal Information

To use collected personal information, each personal information is only able to collect and only can use for guided purposes according to the accommodation article. Our hotel states that there is not any exception over the purpose to use the personal information.

1. Provide various services and the other several correspondences that are related to those services.
2. Provide personal information for outsourcing contractors that are related to our hotel business.
3. Sending various offers from our hotel.
4. Ask by mails

Research markets that cannot be identified any specific individual, analyze customer trend and a nalyze the other basic data to do a business analysis, or making statistical data, and these will be publicized

6. Answer customer opinions and requests or respond the other observations to improve our products and services.
7. Notify the winner of prizes, offering works and monitoring campaign. Notify hiring letters. Present prizes and rewards, and responding the others such as a planning event or an administrating event.
8. Notify found articles, inform or ask individually in the case of emergency and etc.
9. we exercise company obligations and rights and respond several related matters of those.

5. Maintenance of the Accuracy
Our hotel strives for adequate measures in order to maintain the accurate updated personal information of customers.

6. Security Control Measures

Our hotel protects personal information of our customers and takes appropriate preventive actions and security actions against unauthorized access, breaking in, falsification or leaking information in order to ensure the personal information of customers.


7. employee education
Our hotel conducts an educational training for employee about protecting personal information, and that educational materials are enforced strictly among all employee in this hotel.

8. Supervision of our outsourcing
Our hotel may permit to access personal information with the third-party companies within our business brands for only the legal and fair use. The third party is supervised by our hotel, and it is obligated to manage the use of personal information very prudently.

9. Limitation to provide for the third party

Except the order of laws or that related kinds, our hotel does not provide any personal information of customers beyond the reasonable use to the third party without an agreement of each customer.


10. An indication, correction and etc. regarding personal information

Regarding our archived personal data of customers, when the person of the data requested an indication, correction or stop of the use, we will correspond rationally that request after the ID confirmation which is confirmed by a passport, a driver’s license or a copy of a resident card (the full name, the address and only the confirmable category). However, these described
below are not applicable for an indication

* things that are not corresponding any of our personal data
* things that are excluded for an indication according to the 25th article of personal information protection law.
* the other which is stated by laws or legal kinds