Mukyudo During World War II, in the air-raid shelter of the former Miyamura public school (now Miya elementary school), elementary and junior high school male and female students at the time is drilling, has been used as an elementary school of underground classroom.
The name the principal in at that time who included intention as "infinity" "the never-ending condition" with "Mukyudou air-raid shelter " and planned building put.

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In sake brewery of Tenmei year (1780 BC) founded nearby runs through the Hirado Okan (highway). Buildings, including the building from its founding of the Edo period it is possible to know the realities of traditional brewing industry, has been designated as a national registered tangible cultural property.
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Shrine of Utsunomiya shrine is the same as the rough two mountain shrine in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture in "豊城入彦命 (Toyokiirihikonomikoto)"
For Nisshin / Russo-Japanese war dead of the local "temple" district during the war did not leave even one person, during the Second Great War is your pilgrimage to pray for safety of warriors visited from all over the country.

1898, opened as a station of Nagasaki Main Line. There is a current of Uraatama harbor near Huis Ten Bosch, and this has been and its connection station. Noteworthy is demobilization, repatriation train From October 1945 is operated in this station first train, is set to 2-3 this to Tokyo Ueno, Morishige Hisaya, Hamako Watanabe, Fujio Akatsuka, also like Rentaro Mikuni this and went back to hometown from the station.

With the end of World War II, and to commemorate that repatriates more than the people 1,300,000 is describing the return home first step in this area, we have exhibited at the time of the materials, photos, and positional relationship maps.
By the way, the current of Huis Ten Bosch there was a Repatriation Relief Bureau
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This from the radio tower Pacific war during encryption "new high Yamano Bole" was originated. In fact the Union fleet flagship "Nagato" in the berth in the Seto Inland Sea is telegram, Hiroshima Prefecture Wu communication Chiba Prefecture Funabashi transmitting station from, and was sent overseas is divided into three transmitting stations such as Hario. And the end of the war, Japan Coast Guard will resume operation in 1948, but was then joint use with the Maritime Self-Defense Force, radio tower, has finished its role in 1997. (Inside of the tour is currently is forbidden)

Between the and Huis Ten Bosch, there is water flow, ostensibly as a river, but it is respectable "sea". In this Haikiseto the strait that connects the Omura Bay and Sasebo bay, 12 km length, width is average 125m about, is not only just about 10m narrowest watch near the tide Bridge. So narrow Strait It thinks and than no other, is so rests the world to narrow strait and the Guinness Book of Records in Hijiuchi Strait is the narrowest width 9.9 m of Shodo Island in what Puss Gets the Boot. No. 2 at normal in the world? Does not also become a topic without any unfortunately monument.

April 1, 1944, to Kawatana Shingaego Metropolitan Kogushigo whole area, as branch campuses of Yokosuka Torpedo school, extraordinary torpedo boat training center has been established. Many of the trainees in the young people of 17-22 years of age who have volunteered from all over the country, where the total number of people who kick - off by trained about 50,000 people, precious lives of more than 3,500 of them is lost, monument of dying for japan have also been built.

Widely distributed to rice terraces between regional Nakayama, as a distinctive place of agricultural production that takes advantage of its location conditions, also by skillfully utilizing the steep terrain, conservation of the land and the environment, the formation of the beautiful original landscape of rural, tradition • The culture I am the inheritance"100 selections of Japanese rice terraces" are certified from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, also it was awarded the "beautiful Japanese village landscape Contest".

Whale wholesaler of remnants Sonogi was once integrated field of whale meat. Bid once even a month have been made now. Sonogi building was erected the sign of the station immediately "whale" it is alone is there a nasty smell. Retail are also.

東彼杵町歴史民俗資料館 車30分 有料

Higasi sonogi cho flourished as a center of the ceremony over the Kofun period from the Yayoi period, was an important base comes in the Edo era as a post town of Nagasaki Kaido and Hirado Okan. Here is house  the only complete form in the remaining keyhole "Avery mound" and the Meiji era in Nagasaki Prefecture is relocated, there is a high exhibits of historical value to the capital museum Nagasaki Prefecture north of the archaeological, This is the perfect place to learn the folk-history. In addition, the direct sale of local products adjacent to Road Station "Sonoginoshou", nearby also twenty-six saint pier monument.
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Mr. regular center that served Heike as a swordmaker of the countries (Nara) of the Yamato 800 years or more ago escaped from a hunt of Genji in Kyushu, and the descendant forged a sword in this ground and I answered the demand of the farmer and made a sickle. Matsubara sickle and a kitchen knife with the tradition of 500 years are the highest closing a bargain kitchen knives which had tenacity and the sharpness. Retail are also.

There is a "pottery space" to introduce the history open-air museum that exhibited the kiln to the world's leading of
” the world kiln Square" of and 400 years hasami pottery of through the early modern period from ancient times.
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Can visit a variety of fish species of trading of Nagasaki ken, also large aquarium, (tours are not allowed in one person) also enhance visitors for facilities such as lookout. Also you can receive even cooking guidance of fish if the reservation. Also Every Saturday (from 8:00 to noon) is the day of the fish! Market is generally open, such as landings have been live fish and fresh fish at a local, it offers a special price a delicious seasonal ingredients fresh.
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Higashi Park is located in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, the park, which is maintained as 1892 "Sasebo Naval cemetery". Aka, Higashiyama park . It is located near the summit of Tenjinyama located in the east from Sasebo Port. It is managed as a city park by Sasebo is a place overlooking the Sasebo Port.

Prospered as a whale pair of barn field in the Edo era, the Meiji era and later you will be able to touch the history of the industry remains and coal mines that supported the modernization as coal mines of Mitsubishi system.
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Now Oshima tomatoes grown in national brand, there is no opportunity to make quite eye with locals Nagasaki. Ordinary sugar content 2-4 times higher than in tomatoes, vitamin C is a ripe tomato that contains several times more, in Japan of tomatoes and that it is the most delicious tomatoes I think. Tomato hunt is up to the beginning of February to the end of April.
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Tour Time: 9:00 to 16:00 (Kyuen :: Monday)
Experience Admission 300 yen (more than junior high school students), tomatoes take away 1,300 yen / 1kg

Although many of the West of limestone cave there are many things that have been formed in the 2-300000000 years ago of the Paleozoic, here is designated as a national natural monument in 1936 since it is a new cave that was formed 30 million years ago has been.
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Nagasaki Bio Park is a zoo where you can enjoy "interaction with living things." Since it has been kept as low as possible the "cage" or "fence", more familiar with the animals, you will be able to interact more directly. I can also give him a feed or touch the animals, such as Rama squirrel monkey, Flamingo wallaby, including the capybara of rare animal. Such as hippopotamus, rhinoceros, giraffe and zebra, familiar or large animals in picture books, the first time it was raised in artificial nursing in Japan, You can meet also in Momo-chan that became famous as "can not swim hippopotamus".
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Tour Time: 9:00 to 17:00 (pm admission deadline 16) (a day, seven days a week)
Admission fee for adults 1,600 yen, 1,000 yen teenagers, children 700 yen

Nagasaki open sea district Shusaku Endo Literature Museum is located, also known as the village of Kakurekirishitan, it is a place that became the scene of novel Mokusareru the origin of Endo Literature "silence". Death of Shusaku Endo, donated, deposited from bereaved family a memento, raw manuscript, books, etc. that also extends to about 30,000 points that were left in the hand, it was opened as a "Shusaku Museum of Literature Endo" in May 2000.
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Tour Time: 9:00 to 17:00 (the beginning of the year end closed) Entrance fee: Adults 350 yen, teenagers 200 yen

Church which became the scene of novel Mokusareru the origin of Endo Literature "silence". In 1879 in Robust red brick church of Romanesque by de Russian Father of design that was appointed to this land. Close to the Dezu church, mud Father Memorial, there is such as open sea Museum of History and Folklore. In a great driving course, called National Highway 202 and "Sunset Ocean 202" running this sea, sunset seen from the open sea, the out reflects exquisite islands floating in the Goto Nada, its shine attracts the mind of the beholder you.