※ This hotel spa will have warmed to the source.
(Source 100% No hydrolysis)
In addition, with confidence, such as prevent the occurrence of Legionella is circulated filtration as you'll find bathing, and strive to health control.

Adult(over junior high):700yen

Child(under school child):400yen

Ticket (a ticket of 12 coupons) 6,000yen,
    even the moon 2pairs 10,000yen

 Include towel you can save 417yen when you buy 24 tickets.
 ※The above fare is included tax.
● hours/ 6:00~23:00(Accepted Exit 22:00)
● Spring quality/ Sodium chloride(Hypotonic, weak alkaline)
● quality indications/ Cuts, burns, chronic skin disease, physically weak
    children, chronic women's diseases
● Large bath/ vibra bath, cascading bath, a laying bath, open air bath, sauna

● Chartered open-air bath / Private room three buildings

    (11:00 to 22:00 reception close) 1hour 1,300yen + spa fare

● Handicapped dedicated private

2 hours 1,000 yen + spa fare
   baths / indoor 1 room  

3 or more people available per room 3,000 yen
(12:00 to 17:00)

I depends on the vacancy situation.
(Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 6,000 yen)

● Guests staying in hotel, spa service is free of charge.
● Buffet customer use are available the spa at +200 yen.


Ideal for stiff lower back pain, it is a bath of open-air type that can relax.

In Japanese-style free break room, relax slowly.
Electric massage machine
(15 minutes 200 yen)
Vending machine
(Beer, milk, ice cream, lactic acid beverages, other)

[Steam room]
It is a sauna flowing waste products together with sweat.
[Dry sauna]
Refreshing scent brings the effect of forest

Rock bath type of private open-air bath overlooking the Huis Ten Bosch.
[3 buildings private room]
11:00 to 21:00 (Reception close)
Bathing fee + room charge 1,300yen (1hour increments),
Reservation required.